3 Outfit Ideas For Your Best Friend’s Wedding. Feat : Sriyaa

3 Outfit Ideas For Your Best Friend’s Wedding. Feat : Sriyaa

Weddings. After Diwali, weddings are my most favourite thing. Who would not like to jump into a week full of craziness, get-togethers, dressing up, dancing and so much more, especially if it’s your best friends’ or sisters wedding. It’s like a week of festivities with a riot of laughter and lifelong memories.

Well, having said all of the above, weddings do get stressful for me until I figure out what to wear. Since I am not very comfortable wearing really heavy garments, I always have to find a balance between light yet a bit dressy garments because hello, auntiji kya bolengi. Jokes apart, hassle-free, pastels, light fabric, yet trendy is what we all prefer these days I think.

Having said so, I have created 3 looks with label Sriyaa that might help you to pick up your right garments. Label Sriyaa – Kolkata based brand, is a new name in the world of ethnic fashion that is moving ahead to evolve as a couture brand that heralds the beauty of ethnic Indian wear. It’s fashionable, their make is light yet looks perfectly balanced for big fat Indian weddings, absolutely pocket-friendly and I would say a great place for all bridesmaids.

Let me show you a few outfits options from Sriyaa and how it makes the right turn for every occasion and for every bridesmaid.

1. Mehandi

Mehandi is one of those events that I usually prefer over those gala night events. It’s a beautiful afternoon affair between flower accessories and gota patti. It’s an afternoon filled with soft colours that fill in warmth. It’s a saga of Bollywood Mehandi songs, with a little gidda, a little dandiya and bhangra.

Well for such occasions I would prefer and advice on wearing pastels (yellow/mint green/salmon) and keep it simple. Also, I think dhoti pant sets make a great outfit for mehndi functions. Here are my take and pick from Sriyaa for an occasion of a mehandi ceremony.

2. Sangeet

Sangeet. The night when a lot happens. We all know how a sangeet function can get into a mad hatter. Isn’t it one of those events that you look forward to since the wedding dates are out. Well as much as I remember my friends and siblings started to have their discussion on perfect song and moves as soon as my wedding dates were out. And of course, nobody wants to leave the after party.

For such an occasion again, even though the night demands of glitz and dazzle, I would personally like to keep it simple yet super trendy. You do not want to bother about handling your extremely heavy dupatta or heels that is preventing you from all the Bollywood drama.

Here’s my pick from Sriyaa for a sangeet event. It’s super fun, it has a simple silhouette, it’s in a pastel shade again, full of glamour yet easy, and looks grand but feels absolutely paper light. What do you think? I say let those ruffles dance.

3. Baraat / Reception

Weeding Day. The day when everyone wants to shine, look their best and be prepared for an emotional affair (the happy affair). While the baraatis are dancing like there is no tomorrow and the bride and her close ones are involved in their own errands. I think it’s a formal night that of course eventually turns into another mad hatter (once the bride and the groom set to meet and greet).

I personally feel and like to keep wedding day outfits simple, a bit traditional (You don’t want to be under the radar of pammi masi) and, conservative may be (well that’s a personal choice). Hence, after picking 2 pastel shades, here is my pick for the main day from Sriyaa. I opted for a deep shade this time to break the monotony of pastel.

These were my picks for a perfect wardrobe for my friend’s or sisters wedding. I would love to hear what you think.
Also, you can browse through Sriyaa’s entire collection at www.sriyaa.in and follow them on their facebook & Instagram page.

Feat: Sriyaa

Photography: Lensing My Soul

Location Courtesy: The Lalit Great Eastern Kolkata


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