5 cafe’s you must visit in Gangtok, Sikkim

5 cafe’s you must visit in Gangtok, Sikkim

This time it took an unusually long time for me to visit home. I visited Gangtok after 9 months, the longest gap that I could think of. As much as I love my city, I was kind of bored with the eating and drinking places the city had to offer. Gangtok is popular amongst the young audience, expats, tourists and even the locals who like to explore food and being a hill station there is eventually nothing to do post 7 pm but indulge in good music, food and vibes.
However, I was extremely happy and excited to see the growth of cafe culture in Gangtok. Initially, the town possessed a few and they are brilliant (link to post), however, everyone needs a change especially when you are living there. Quaint cafe, cute interiors, local vibes, a bookshelf, postcards and a cosy corner is what makes a hill station vibe complete. Hence, in a trip of 5 days, I decided to explore many new spaces and list the best ones for you.  So, take a note of it, so that you do not miss them on your next visit to Gangtok.

  1. The Local cafe – Find everything local at the local cafe Gangtok. Visited this highly recommended newly opened three table cafe and couldn’t get enough of it. Located in the new market, this little cafe truly is my new favourite.
    As the name suggests, the cafe serves everything locally flavoured with hints of adjoining countries – (Bhutan, Nepal, Tibet) using organic and homegrown ingredients. Even the interior of the place, the table wear, everything is either local inspired or made with local products and brands. The highlight of the place is also, that it sells local products like Dalle, organic soaps, tea and uses eco-friendly products.
    It is definitely a must visit space if you are in Gangtok.
    Must Try – Tibetan bread sandwich, chicken barley soup, bermiok tea.
  2. Kelly’s Cafe – Kelly’s cafe is one of the cutest cafes in town with pink walls, cute cupcake and teacup decals and a well displayed and lit counter. Located at the new market, this recently opened cafe is perfect for one of those summery or even gloomy days to make you feel better. It was the first time that I tried laphing and absolutely loved it.
    Laphing is a cold noodle dish that comes in varieties white or yellow, you can either have it dry or soupy. well, I like mine soupy, perfect for Gangtok summers It’s one of the popular Tibetan street food.
  3. Cafe Society – Located at Tibet road, cafe society is also recently opened cafe and caters to a divine gastronomic delight. It’s a great place to catch up with a book, write a postcard and indulge in a love affair with self. The highlight of the place is that it has outdoor seating and its intercontinental brunch.
  4. Momo.co – Located in the new market, if you are a momo lover you must visit this place. Nothing fancy interior wise but the momos are delicious.
    The momo menu consists of a variety of veg, chicken, buff, pork & ting momos. Other speciality items available are Shyaphaley, Noodle Soup & Aloodum.
    Must try item: Mushroom Cheese Momo.
  5.  Gangtok Groove – Located at Newmarket again above pantaloons, Gangtok groove is not a new place or a cafe but is a cafe/pub. The place might not have a great interior but the place sure has a great sense of entertainment and knows how to keep its audience busy. This place is known for its live bands and other shows (standup comedy etc). Offering a multi-cuisine menu, the place is good for a cup of coffee and a drink.

Apart than these, there are other few places too you can visit:
1. Cafe Sass & Guff – Located at Newmarket.
2. Cafe Royale – Located at Tsuglakhang Palace Complex, Tashiling Road. the cafe is famous for its Sunday brunch.
3. Bakers Cafe
4. The Coffee Shop

I hope you enjoyed the post, as much as I enjoyed working on it. Don’t forget to bookmark these places and try them on your next visit to Gangtok.



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Written by Nikita Agarwal

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