About us

Pen Twister, instandingitially a figment of imagination, came to life in the year 2011 as a hobby by a young curious girl trying to describe her life through the pages of her blog. It was a story of a girl trying to cope with the daily issues of life and how it became her passion that made her take up blogging as a full time career option.


Nikita Agarwal, the founder and editor in chief of the blog describes herself as moonstruck by day and maniacal by night (We Agree).


Early 2015 the blog suffered with shifting echelons, in an effort to develop a character for the blog. With that, the blog has now made a comeback with revised and reimagined look. Pen Twister officially will now take fashion in another level of story telling, it will also review food and will give insights on travel. We take a pledge to be your one stop for all your lifestyle queries. People here can find answers to “What to wear?”, “Where to eat?”, ”When to travel?”, and gazillion other things.


Pen Twister is based out of Kolkata travelling an extra mile, wandering in yellow taxi to create a new story just for you.