Apno Ka Naya Social Network #ItsFamilytime

Apno Ka Naya Social Network #ItsFamilytime

We are all puppets. Puppets of social media. If we calculate, we spend more than half of our life fiddling with our phones, carefully observing the likes we have received in our photos, watching random videos that would make us laugh or even updating about our lives. During all this process we forget what real world feels like, announcing a war between virtual vs real world. We have forgotten the charm of complimenting people in real, what sitting with family over a cup of coffee means and discussing how our day was, we have forgotten about #Itsfamilytime, but we chose to stalk people over social media.

Being a blogger glued to social media pays my bills, however, I am not being able to cherish the happiness within. Thinking people would make fun of my miseries, instead of sharing the problem with my mother and putting my head on her shoulder I choose to tweet my emotions to 280 characters limiting my space of expression. Ah! I might get a few followers. Duh.
With sudden realization and loss of time (how much I could have done) I am in a state of thinking what home felt like a few years back. The joy of hugging it out, laughter and giggles, eating food and cherishing it in real rather having an appetite for the foodgram images, the joy of clicking a picture so that its retained as a memory and not because you want to be popular.

While we are still engrossed in the last Facebook post we made and in the doubt of life whether a virtual person will like me or follow me, I choose to surrender and indulge in an affair with my family. Because tomorrow facebook may crash and anyways Instagram algorithms are not pleasing, I know it’s my family that wouldn’t judge me, accept me, laugh at my silly jokes and tells me we are there.

This video initiative (below) by PS GROUP REALTY in a language we all understand now- ‘social media’ truly communicates the message of the importance of spending time with your family. Because, the family is the best social network, where you are always ‘loved’, happiness is ‘shared’ and no one unfollows you. 

On that note, here’s me with my family and cherishing the bond.

 An initiative by PS GROUP REALTY – www.psgroup.in






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Written by Nikita Agarwal

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