BAKSTAGE Kolkata – Resto Rock Pub!

BAKSTAGE Kolkata – Resto Rock Pub!

Kolkata the pioneer city known for its artistic and literary heritage has an integral connection with music. Kolkata has seen a revolutionary change in its music from bengal folk to rabindra sangeet to bengali rock by the emergence of western influence. With the change being constant, the heritage of music has only evolved in this city and not lost.
As the music transformed and with the inheritance of rock, Kolkata accepted the pub culture in mid 90’s. Coming to the 21st century, the city pace increased to more urbanization making the night life a paradise offering a wide array of evening entertainment.




Amidst the growth of entertainment sections breaking the monotony of dance floors, Bakstage – the rock pub, dedicated to the city of music launched in the year 2013 giving the city a space to spill out with a drink or two accompanied with food, urban retro environment and music.
Bakstage is located at the hub of IT sector of Kolkata, Salt Lake – Sector 5, offering the working class a mug of chilled beer with a game of snooker, celebrating a hard day at work. Bakstage situated on the busy road of brain junkies is truly a place to calm your senses and to be taken over by the left brain for you to relax and go back home happy, no stress zone.





Having the longest bar in the town, displaying uber fancy LED hookah’s, the walls paying a tribute to LP and cassette era, metallic inlays of rock and metal bands in the epoxy flooring, there is something to look at everywhere you look. These and other aspects of interior, private dining room, restaurant overlooking the balcony area for smoke to disappear in the thin air, every corner shouts out loud for its groovy decor. Even the restrooms with the quirky sign and graphics jazz me up while fixing my hair.



MENU – Food & Beverage

As you are charged walking into this place by its interiors, the menu also is fascinating with a display of world cuisine influences. This is the age of food! Traditional, fusion, local and global and this is what  Bakstage menu exactly offers. Featuring the finest selection of Asian, Lebanese, Italian, vast variety of Indian cuisine that is fresh, fun and flavorful. A few of the city’s favorite are rock prawn yellow curry, Indian ocean snapper, burrah kebab and mezze platters.


The beverage menu is more than Beer and spirits and features a range of exotic cocktails making you dance to the tune of happiness. They also offer quirked up hookah with classic bases (alcohol/milk/energy/regular) of your choice. More than the base, the fancy structures of hookah pots available at Bakstage are insanely pretty to look at while crazy enough to make your eyes pop.

Hookah Bakstage Kolkata bakstage-2457

While PenTwister and the team got an opportunity and an invitation to visit the place and judge every corner like a boss, we did indulge in some food and beverage tasting and quirky styling.




Though a selection of Naaza’s is available. We were delighted to be served “Minted tandoori paneer with roasted chilli” version of this signature. As the name suggests, the base of the dish is the traditional Indian naan bread on top of which the inseparable dal makhani is spread instead of the tomato sauce seen on pizzas and soft tandoori paneer, bell peppers and onions as toppings along with flowy mozzerala. One of a kind, such thoughtful item is rarely found in the menus of Kolkata.


Trio of Hummus 

Opulent dips increases the richness of soft pitas in every bite. Hummus, Beetroot Hummus and Baba Ganoush’s smooth creamy texture was greatly complimented by the utter softness of the bread. To balance on the richness, it is served with a raunchy salad with cauliflower and colorful bell peppers.

Trio Platter Bakstage Kolkata

DIY Thai Iceberg Wrap

Menu at Bakstage never seize to amaze, who would have thought of making your lettuce wrap yourself. A fort of ingredients is presented along with thai style chilli tofu or chilli chicken to make your self a perfect cup of lettuce. Spoilt for choice you can choose more or less of anything from peanuts, chilli, lemon, sweet chilli sauce and even greens of spring onions along with your selection of chicken or tofu. Call it a starter or a salad, it is fun to make and delicious to eat.


Tawa Khatte Baingan

Wholesome and flavorful, a complete package is what you can expect when you order one of these. Smell of smoky charcoal fills the air when the waiter comes towards you with baby eggplants done just right, bursting with flavors of a bouquet of Indian spices. It is served with tandoori roti and daal makhani to make sure you are full and satisfied.


If you think this is all Bakstage has to offer you are mistaken. The very crucial part of Bakstage is its event listings, making Bakstage unique and one of its kind in entertainment sector. The pub for the love of innovation, offers the best of the hospitality and variety making your Bakstage moment worth. Right from calling a saxophonist, probably the first pub to have done so to organizing karaoke, unplugged, commercial, sufi nights over the week giving its audience a fresh platter of ingredients every time they walk in.
To know more about their weekly events and updates do visit their facebook page – BAKSTAGE.




Bakstage, as the name defines  is “The” action area without the letter “c”. The activity area on the forefront giving you the right vibe and making you dance to the happy tunes of life. As much the place is eventful during night, it also serves with great ambience and hospitality in day time over quick bite and early drinks. With the kind of location, size, menu and activities the pub offers it definitely makes it one of its kind in Kolkata promoting the pub culture truly. 



Overall Review

Food : 4/5
Service: 3.5/5
Ambience: 4/5
Hospitality : 4/5
Overall : 4/5

P.S : Do not forget to attend and be a part of Sufi stories scheduled in Bakstage from 18th – 24th July 2016 and experience everything sufi from moroccan delicacies, special hookah, arabic theme and a live sufi band. Do not miss. FoR more details, log into Bakstage Facebook page.

Concept/food & fashion styling/Content – Nikita
Photography : Shailpik Biswal for Tripus Production
pecial Thanks to Akshay Manchanda for Editing the images.

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Written by Nikita Agarwal

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