With a little awkwardness and a little nervousness, I met the “Fantastic 8” on Sunday. Yes, we had a Bangalore Blogger’s meet last Sunday at Orion Mall. I am glad, I made it at the last minute and got a chance to meet the most gorgeous and wonderful people. These people do not only rock in the Blogger world but they are true rockstars in real life. All awkwardness survived for just about 5 minutes, turning the environment into laughs, conversations and interactions. As, said by Tanusha there wasn’t a bit of feeling of meeting for the first time. Being most of us from North India, we couldn’t help but discuss about Delhi street food and shopping, how Kolkata’s night life is truly amazing and about tantrums thrown in by Bangalore auto drivers. And, how can I forget we invited ourselves to Shalini’s place over next meet. Yes we did discuss all that, we discussed possibly on everything but just not on Fashion. But really did that matter? Absolutely NOT.

I can’t stop thanking and giving credit for this wonderful evening to Sonshu, she is a doll. One of the sweetest and cutest person I have ever come across. And, I love your trade pose Sonshu:) Shalini is a fun loving person, full of energy and speaks her heart out. She is a sweetheart. Tanusha, is a darling and easy to go along. We in fact figured out a lot of similarities in between us. Purushu on the other hand was a little shy and conscious specially when all we girls were all over the place clicking pictures. Sayanti, she is indeed a Bengali Beauty. I am a big fan of her smile, it’s definitely worth a million dollar. Jahn is gorgeous, very smart and effortless. We will miss you Jahn, don’t go to Chennai. Ila definitely has that charming personality. And Rohit, Shalini’s husband was extremely sweet and is a wonderful person, being the savior of all the girls with camera in his hand. Thank you Rohit.

Though a few of them had to leave a little early, the pictures session began with a bang. So here, are some of the gorgeous pictures from the evening.

483378_321198724631215_2131119296_n 603821_321199597964461_2044557917_n

What pretty Smiles
What pretty Smiles
I wonder what the discussion was all about? So Intense
I wonder what the discussion was all about? So Intense
Aren't those shoes lovely?
Aren’t those shoes lovely?

540801_321199251297829_1617426415_n gudu

I am wearing:

Printed Trousers: Splash
Sheer Top & necklace: Vero Moda
Shoes& Bag: Gangtok Local Market
It was great meeting all you lovely people. Hope we can do this again sometime:)
Thank you all for the most wonderful evening!!!
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