Bodega X PenTwister

Bodega X PenTwister

Bodega Cantina-Y-Bar a new gastrobar launched in town, giving Kolkata another addition to the  list of happening and fun places to be at anytime of the day. Be it a weekday lunch or weekend party scenes, Bodega has got its elements right to calm your senses and enjoy your meal. A very well thought layout and interiors that gives you an essence of modern Kolkata keeping the cultural sides and the heritage of the city intact. The smart interiors gives usability to the restaurant at various decor as well. Like the pulley in the picture below is used to get drinks from the bar to the first floor.

Col 3






Team PenTwister had a chance of trying out few of their dishes and cocktails off their menu. Below is how it looks, feels and tastes like.

Manhattan Igloo

Manhattan Lagoon

Bourbon with bitter, sweet vermouth flavoured with orange zest. An uber take on the old fashioned.

Thai High


Lemongrass infused vodka with fresh lychee bits, lychee juice and jasmine tea. All together the combination which seems a little out of sync at first, bursts overwhelming flavours and creates toxicating magic along with a daring presentation of a lotus and a small coconut shell. Truly a thai experience.

Beef Chili Fry

Beef Chilli

Spicy like the name suggests. Pounded tenderloin done just right to not to get those stretchy nervy bits in your mouth. Sautéed with onions and Bodega’s home blended spice, fills your mouth with great flavors. One of the best beef preparation I have personally ever had.

Pickled Chili Prawns

Pickled Chilly Prawns

Another favourite. Jumbo prawns marinated with their home made pickle, intense mustard, yet not pungent and served with coleslaw. Fresh seafood in every bite. Very few places can deliver the mild crunchiness of fresh prawns.

Chickpea Chorizo

Chickpea Chorizo

Big bold full of flavour chickpeas tossed like a salad with the show stealer – Chorizo. Soft, delicate yet stiff enough to not let a pate effect start in the mouth. When asked the waiter, “where are the chorizo from?” the reply was that they are homemade. If they are then a real hats off to the chef. It is still hard to believe that chorizo so good can be non-imported and made fresh here.

Confit Chicken and Lentil salad

Chicken and Lentil salad

For the health conscious, or for that day when you want to eat something light and fresh. The salad – puy lentil with iceberg and red lettuce tossed in vinaigrette dressing. Topped with a small scoop of sour cream.

Asian Noodle Bowl


Crunchy veggies and homemade flat noodles does a magic with subtle and sweet flavour, yet giving a sense of spice.


Full marks on presentation, the dessert tastes as good as the tempting look. Sugar “Puchka” was filled with Raspberry infused frozen yoghurt with just right acidity and sweetness, topped with thin caramel sheet, served along with a gorgeous raspberry sorbet and sweet, flavoured caviar.

From the moment we started our first bite up until the dessert, Bodega has served us with freshest of ingredients and has done a very good job in almost all of its hard thought out and well sketched preparations. With a beautiful evening set, a perfect score is next to impossible to achieve. Lal Maas Tacos – Lamb served on soft tacos, where both lamb and the taco were undercooked and the balance of taste which was seen in all the other preparations was missing. A little underwhelming.

Apart one tiny hiccup the overall experience was immensely intriguing. An honest attempt to give the city a modern menu and fresher ingredients – applaudable.

Overall Verdict

Meal For 2 – Rs. 4,000/- with a couple of cocktails.
Ambience – 4.5/5
Service – 3.5/5
Food – 4/5
Overall – 4/5
Location :- Camac Street-Park Street crossing, Kolkata.

Thank You Bodega Cantina-Y-Bar for an incredible hospitality and yummilicious food. To know more about the restaurant, visit their Facebook & Instagram page and get your reservations made to begin the ultimate food journey.

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Written by Nikita Agarwal

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