Breathe. To survive is not fair. To aim to live is a challenge. Life is uncertain and living with uncertainty is not what we thrive on. Life will pull down every day but to fight and bloom is the test.

I asked myself a question, what I am doing is it because I want to, or is the play of insecurity? Have I returned back to my den, feeling, the power of victory or the constant thought of where am I, has haunted? Have I hugged life because I wanted a shoulder or because I wanted to dance with joy?

I think in 29 years of existence, I have lived only once. My mind was empty, yet full, I danced to the sound of current in the waves, I lied down falling in love with the sky even when the galaxy was unclear. I breathed and felt the power of existence.

Love, Prayer, Forgiveness are not the words of weak but strength that makes you believe in-universe.

Let the warm rays of the sun touch your skin.
Let the moonlight bring calm on your face.
Let there be wind in your hair and salt in the sea, touch your lips.
Let there be love that grows you and a life to cherish too.

Fear, superficial powers, hate, love, competition, jealousy is all a part of you, let’s open the box of goodness and nurture this existence.


The Visuals displayed below in collaboration with creative head Lensing My soul and fashion brand Door of Maai is an imagination of life I want to reach.

Photography: Lensing My Soul 
Wardrobe: Door of Maai

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Written by Nikita Agarwal

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