In an attempt to make Kolkata feel the joy of off-roading, “Jeep” organized a camp for all the mad hatter adventure enthusiasts, to get the real feel of the sheer power and maneuverability of these 4×4 beasts. Both the cars, Wrangler and Grand Cherokee are not only phenomenal in looks, it gets by the trickiest of road situations without a hiccup, keeping the passengers as comfortable as possible.

CampJeep did a marvelous job in picking out a location in a place like Kolkata and carved out the perfect track to show each of its car’s awesome features. Driving features like 4WD, 4WD low, mud drive, snow and sand amongst others. It shows perfect off-road capabilities like traction, water fording, maneuverability, and articulation all possible with excellent ground clearance. Driving the car in the course refined to show its skills gives the driver and all the passengers the thrill of sitting in a roller coaster. The track was carved and curated to take these cars to their extreme limits from stairs to a hill climb at a steep 45-degree angle, the monstrous V6 engine does not fail to impress. I wish I could have spent more time on the track and have now started saving up to get my hands on one of these mean machines and start my off road adventures. 

A few images from the camp, however, can not do justice to the experience.

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Special thanks to marketing team Reet & Rituals for giving Team PenTwister a wonderful experience.

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Written by Nikita Agarwal

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