Celebrating Raksha Bandhan with Fabelle Chocolates

Celebrating Raksha Bandhan with Fabelle Chocolates

Indulgence can’t be explained better than chocolates. Through centuries of being royally treated to this day where it is a household product. Chocolates have never lost its fame from being exchanged as currency or a royal welcome drink to the kings’ guests to something you pick every time you visit a supermarket. Fabelle chocolates from ITC has taken up the endeavor to keep the royal luxury feel of chocolate intact while makes it much more irresistible. Such contemporary piece of art when meets with tradition, an entire ecosystem of freshness is created.

Fabelle Chocolates ITC

If diamonds are to be women’s best friend, we can easily name chocolates as their soul. Fabelle chocolates by ITC group of hotels take this opportunity to make this rakhi an occasion where you talk your heart out and devise special chocolates for your “Bhai”. They have beautifully devised the entire process of gifting Rakhi onto their website www.rakhiwithfabelle.com in a way that is intriguing and emotional. Fabelle has given a sentimental attachment for your Rakhi gift to be the best in the world. The process to order is very simple.

Fabelle chocolate ITC

Step 1
Log onto the website and choose an element of your sibling. The choice widely varies between Air, Water, Wood, Earth, and fire. You choose based on your brothers’ character. So cool!

Step 2
Fill in the details of your brother including shipping address and choose whether you want a box of 10 pieces or 20.

Step 3
Choose a tagline that best suits your brother from a list of available taglines, which later turns into a different web page altogether. In my case, I chose the tagline to be “The-lets-order-pizza-for-dinner” as my brother can really annoy me to death every week to do exactly the same.

Step 4
Make a video for your brother. The website gives you the option of choosing a video or making a video via webcam. One can say anything they want to say, abuse him, love him or hate him just leave a message:)

Fabelle Chocolataes ITCFabelle Chocolates ITC 1

Converging all of the above steps a personalized box of chocolates is curated for your brother and delivered to his doorstep and the link created with the tagline has a video of your Rakhi message for your brother.

The entire campaign is so awesome and is one of the best Raksha Bandhan campaigns that I have come across. Keep checking my Instagram and Facebook handle @pentwister for updates on when and how my brother received the hamper.

ITC has done a phenomenal job.

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