Lifting up my face this Diwali with Gold Bleach by VLCC

Lifting up my face this Diwali with Gold Bleach by VLCC

Beauty products always looked fancy but I never mustered guts or confidence to try any. Beauty to me was my kajal and lip color (till about a few months back) and I was done. I invested some time doing cleaning and scrubbing but stayed away from another pre – face ready session.  I was not hesitant to try but didn’t find the need of these products. Also as mother spoke, the more chemicals you use, you will age faster. Hence, stayed away. However, not too late I couldn’t stop myself and started experimenting (one product at a time) to know and feel what do they do and what is the difference eventually.

As I used and still using a few products to see what my skin responds to, I came across VLCC Insta Glow Gold bleach, bleach for women and I stocked it (didn’t initially know why, but I think most of us do that). My skin texture is really dull currently due to lack of sleep, traveling and work. And bingo, I am traveling for Diwali and have no time to get my face shine. Hence, having an off day today I indulged myself in chemical counterparts of VLCC bleach and I was surprised. The goodness of gold oxide instantly gave my face a lift up. Is this for real?

The bleach did cause some irritation but was mild after a while. The post bleach cream helped calm my face. Oh did I mention the bleach package comes with pre and post-bleach cream which I thought was quite nice and a manual that states all the steps of application (so helpful for beginners like me).

Pen Twister x VLCC IMG_7746
Pen Twister x VLCC
Pen Twister x VLCC Pen Twister x VLCC Pen Twister x VLCC Pen Twister x VLCC

I am not too sure if I will be using it quite often but definitely occasionally. Because I have got my Diwali glow and I have to say it’s good. I do not have facial hair, but sure the complexion looks much lighter.
Hassle free beauty therapy done at home and I am ready to hit the festive season.

Personal Recommendation: Buy VLCC bleach.
You could view entire range of VLCC products at

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Written by Nikita Agarwal

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