Fabelle As You Name It – Customize, Personalize your own Chocolate cup.

Fabelle As You Name It – Customize, Personalize your own Chocolate cup.

Chocolates can easily be defined by any personal weakness. The weakness has been delightfully fulfilled through centuries of work and creativeness on the cocoa beans by turning them into lustful little bits of chocolates. In any form – powder or a bar of milky melting experience. These little treats never fail to disappoint. Continuing from my last post on how Fabelle made mine and in numerous others’ rakhi special with their Raksha Bandhan campaign, the great minds at ITC Hotels and Fabelle chocolates have come up with another masterstroke called “Fabelle As You Name It“.

Fabelle Chocolates ITC

The campaign celebrated the love of humans towards the wonderful food and gives you an opportunity to make your own special pieces of heaven and name it after you. Fabelle chocolates start the experience by handing over an array of ingredients ranging from caramel to coffee and dark chocolate to milk chocolate cup shells along with an array of nuts and condiments to give it an extra edge. It is then our responsibility to make a recipe best suitable for your individual unique taste preferences. With experts from the industry on standby to help you make a sinful experience for yourself, one wouldn’t ever disappoint himself.

PenTwister x Fabelle

I made my recipe with the dark chocolate cup, milk chocolate fillings topped with chocolate chips. The recipe of your creation is put inside miniature hollow cupcake like chocolates (dark chocolate cup in my recipe) in a semi liquid form and is all yours to enjoy. These personalized cups are up to be yours in a choice of 6 or 12 pieces and even the cover is named “As Nikita Likes it”.

PenTwister x Fabelle Fabelle - As you Like it Fabelle - As you Like it Fabelle - As you Like it PenTwister x Fabelle PenTwister x Fabelle

The complete experience screams and craves chocolates. Go and avail the experience while you can at Fabelle Chocolates by ITC Hotel in your city for awesome pieces of crazy wonders.

Photography: Lensing My Soul


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