Flames of Creation by Seema Kohli

Flames of Creation by Seema Kohli

Art has deeply engraved in my soul since my last post on Emami Art gallery. It has become my to go spot when I want some serenity and in need of some deep thinking. Emami Art gallery cannot disappoint any level of art lover, advanced or beginner. Last week on one of my usual visits to the gallery I was introduced to the artist “Seema Kohli’s” work. The intricate work on the paintings, sculptures, prints and painting sculptures left me mesmerized.

Seema Kohli’s take on woman’s physical attributes, her intellect, thought, dreams and realities showcasing the celebration of beauty, sensuality, and intimacy are easily noticeable through all her art forms. Refined and detailed work, which is simply irresistible to pull your eye off, each line, each stroke and every colour tells a story. Stories on women’s power and liberation, depicted so strongly that an admirer will take away something new from the painting on every glimpse of the masterpieces.

It is hard to resist revisiting Emami Art gallery for the power it contains in thought, which is processed, visualized and canvassed or molded into tangible divine language that almost speaks to us about its ideologies. Mystical creatures may also seem true and metaphors will unfold at its pace, I never knew I was an art lover deep within. It is the minds of Seema Kohli and others whose depiction of life made me a fan of art in such a short span of time.

P.S: – Give the pictures below at least worth a minutes glance before scrolling through and try and figure out what your creative mind wants to believe in.

Seema Kohli - Emami Art Gallery Emami Art Gallery, Kolkata Seema Kohli - Emami Art Gallery Seema Kohli - Emami Art Gallery Emami Art Gallery, Kolkata Seema Kohli - Flames of creation Emami Art Gallery, Kolkata Seema Kohli - Emami Art Gallery

The exhibition runs until 31st May 2017 and the good news is, the pieces are for sale pricing from Rs. 15,000 onwards. Art was this affordable, did you know?

To know more about their upcoming shows, display or to give a visual treat to your eyes and mind, do follow them via their Facebook page here or visit their  Website.

Emami Art gallery, Emami Tower,
687 Anadapur, Em Bypass, Ground Floor
Kolkata – 700107


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