Hakuna Matata Express!

Hakuna Matata Express!

Platform 9 and three quarters is what they said to go for a magical world where only the specially abled were able to go. Turning wheels of a rail coach amongst the mist, jelly beans and a chocolate frog flying off the window is the picture that comes in our mind, in Kolkata such an experience was created by the very adorable Koko and Kiki of Hakuna Matata. 


The enchanting mascots are taking a journey all over the world celebrating their first anniversary. To give our city the gist of their travel finds, owners Prabhas and Pallavi organized a memorable tram journey through kolkata’s bustling city roads along with fine dining explorations koko made. Delectable and magical, Hakuna Matata express gave all the on-boarders an experience none can forget.



Exorbitant menu prepared and served hot right on the Tram, Hakuna Matata managed to encase a story in every persons mind with its creativeness.


Peruvian Roast Veggie Ceviche

Vegetarian CevicheTypically ceviche is a South American preparation mainly consisting of chopped seafood. Hakuna Matata with its vegetarian twist presented tossed quinoa with feta and interestingly served with vinaigrette dressing in a dipper.

Litti Choka Shot

You are in for a surprise when a dish so traditional is served entirely infused of uber twists. Served in a shot glass, liti on top of vodka infused pear salsa, a real treat.

Chinese Katori

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Flavors from all the orient countries wrapped in an edible crispy cup. Along with noodles from China, Baked apple nori wedge, beetroot quenelle and goat cheese dollop can be savored. An absolute masterpiece and extremely artistic to fuse flavors which are poles apart onto a single serving which tastes exquisite.

Choco Moon

Cream Cheese, Basil infused chocolate sauce and praline mouse were so wonderfully overwhelming but that was not enough for the chef, the team at Hakuna Matata surprised us with a mere mention that the mousses’s main flavor is derived from beetroot. To top it all up served inside a hollow chocolate ball was all too heavenly for a dessert lover like myself.

Orange Polenta Bomb & Paan Booster

Mushroom stuffed spherical polenta garnished with orange pulp served alongside a creamy pesto base, it is difficult not to savor every bite.In the end Paan was served over dry ice on top of a test tube, the catchy presentation is enough for an eagerness to grab it all.

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Thank you Team Hakuna Matata for an overwhelming, unforgettable food and beverage and Kolkata experience. We would look forward to Koko and Kiki’s travel experiences at their restaurant at Park Street, Kolkata. To know more about the restaurant, its menu and how they celebrated their first anniversary, log into their Facebook page and join the express.



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Written by Nikita Agarwal

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