Highlights of 2018

Highlights of 2018

2018 was a year full of goodness. It was a year of decisions, mistakes, learnings and growing up. It was also a year of achievement, confidence and realising there is nothing more important than family and believing in yourself.
The Year 2018 taught me, everyone out there likes you until you agree to them and nothing and no relationship lasts forever if you do not care enough for it.

With ups and downs and good and bad, the year 2018 witnessed a few moments that cannot be forgotten. Hence before I commence and start a new chapter in 2019, here are a few experiences and thrilling moments of the year 2018.

1st step of growing up – Our own space. 
This year was extremely emotional as I and Akshay moved into our own own space that I call my home now. It wasn’t an easy decision (emotionally and financially) but as everyone says, it’s never a right time. We fell in love at once when we saw this space and hugged and promised to make it work. Shifting and starting new isn’t easy hence, we are taking one step at a time and one corner at a time.

Encouraging You Blogger – Aparajita (Saluting Woman) 2018

It’s indeed a great feeling when you are recognised for your work. Who doesn’t like it? It boosts the confidence in you and makes you believe there is nothing impossible if you are sincere and hardworking. After 5 years in this profession of blogging, starting from nowhere, winning this award was a great boost. More than winning the award, it was a responsibility put to perform better, work harder and re-believing in yourself. I am extremely grateful to everyone who thought I deserved and thankful to my readers who believe in my content.

Turned 30
As a 20-year-old we all fear 30. Gone are the times when people made a big deal of turning 30 like half our life is already over. Well, I say turning 30 was fabulous. You are more learned, experienced and grown up. There is a sense of responsibility, you love your work, there is maturity to your relationship, you make your own decisions and, as a 30-year-old you fit in all the age groups. 30 is the new young and I am loving being in one.

Hospitality & Travel Assignments
Nothing makes me happier than going back to hotels. My first love forever. Sometimes I regret my decision of leaving my hospitality career but it makes me happy how blogging takes me back to my favourite subject and lets me see the business from the other side. I believe, in 2018 my stars were aligned in a great position to take me to properties and places that were absolutely dreamy. Super grateful for the brands and people believing in me.

Steppinout – Glorious Award for Blogging Category
The year 2018 could not have ended in a better way. Received an award for Blogging by team Steppinout. Don’t we absolutely love such recognition?

I am truly grateful for everything that took place in 2018 and I thank everyone for having faith in me.

Leaving the darkness behind and carrying love from last year, I aim to be a better person in 2019.
To Travel, To love, To Life.
Wishing you all a very Happy New Year.

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Written by Nikita Agarwal

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