Know your Comb. Presenting: Lily Comb

Know your Comb. Presenting: Lily Comb

Being presentable and maintaining grooming standards is “the” most important part of fashion. Do you agree? All the money spent on labeled garments or those embellished shoes are of waste if your grooming standards are not up t the mark.
I am not here to discuss or give a lecture on grooming but would like to talk about well combed/maintained hair and, how it changes your look into seconds, boosting up your confidence. It takes a lot of effort to maintain wavy and frizzy hair, and unfortunately, I belong to that family. There are times where the waves are set by itself, but at times (most of the times) it’s a pain to detangle them. I have seen for myself as soon as I wash my hair, follow the right shampoo method and comb, my hair is settled and ready to step out. It’s not always necessary to go to the salon but using right comb solves the purpose.
And to get the right comb for your hair, knowing about comb is important. Not all combs are for all hair types, I am not saying something that we don’t know but ignore.

To know more about it, I was delighted to attend a workshop about hair care by label “Lily Comb”. A label whose primary aim is to “Care for hair”, providing a wide range of innovative and affordable hair combs.
Headquartered in Kolkata (India), this ISO 9002 Certified Company is a manufacturer and exporter of India’s largest selling comb. With the wide variety and more than 100 combs for every hair and sphere of people, Lily Comb has marked its name in the comb industry.

To explain more about hair care and combs “Lily comb” organized a workshop and discussed common problems like dryness, how bad is the use of chemicals, right ways of shampooing etc., while “Deepti Mohindar” makeup artist and hair expert also explained in detail about different types of hair and the kind of comb meant for each hair. She explained how a wrong comb could be the cause of hair fall and other damages. The stylist also with the help of “Lily Comb,” showed us few DIY hairstyles that were easy and fun.

Right: Hair Stylist “Deepti Mohindar”

I am stunned by the varieties of comp produced by lily Comb and stocked all that my hair needs.

To know more about the brand and to shop log on their facebook page.

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Written by Nikita Agarwal

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