MADASASA – Bloggers Take.

MADASASA – Bloggers Take.

Being a blogger gave me new horizons to look at. And now being a full-time blogger is an adventure in itself. It sure didn’t come handy but definitely taught me a way of life, challenge. It gave me the education. It helped and is helping me become a better presenter; a contributor, an educator and mostly letting me explore different sectors of life.

Who is a blogger? A blogger is someone who creates, creative content with opinions and recommendations, beautiful image and takes it to your hidden audience or people with similar interest. Often, while in process of crafting editorials, people confuse us by models. Well, not that I don’t like hearing it but “no”. Models and fashion bloggers are 2 different people. Similarly how food bloggers are not food critics. Not continuing with the whole who is a blogger (saving up for an elaborate post may be) the label “Madasasa” took an initiative to shoot their upcoming lookbook with bloggers and not models. The whole idea of shooting with bloggers was to showcase the imperfections of womanhood and to realize everybody is different and not perfect (of course not, welcome to the real world) and not everything we see is real. The idea behind the curation was to showcase different kinds of women with different styles, personality and flaws donning Madasasa, with a message also the mantra “Their collection is a celebration of all”.
Being the trouble makers, we bloggers turned the set up into mad hatters, cracking jokes, dancing, laughing, falling, bruising (team Madasasa to be blamed for our behavior, overly pampered by glasses of wine) Nevertheless, we did manage to pull the show together and came back home with a few posing tricks.

Madasasa X PenTwister


Madasasa X PenTwister Madasasa - Lookbook Madasasa x PenTwister




Madasasa Fashion is not just about the latest trends but involves quality and vision.
Apart from being the fashion supplier to more than 500 boutiques across India and Pan Asia, Mada Sasa has its flagship store located in Kolkata. In case, I have missed anything, you can find them on Facebook and Instagram.

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Written by Nikita Agarwal

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