Memories – Nothing lasts forever.

Memories – Nothing lasts forever.

Nothing last forever. Such is existence. In the span of our lifetime, we meet people every day. We come through situations. Some are worth spending life with while a few are worth taking a walk with. A handful of them leaves with sourness and a few whom we don’t want to face again. In any case, we make memories. Good, bad, sweet, funny all kinds of memories.

They walk with me with the sound of my strength when I need a little push, they make me laugh sometimes under the blanket, they have even tested my patience so hard that it took a second to erase it down from the box. It’s you who have walked like a shadow in dark and in light, to decorate my mind and my home, making me remember the good in me, cherishing people away and behind.

I here decide to empty my limbic system of bad memories and rather ask my brain to shortlist them as a  short-term memory function. I don’t think they deserve being in the system for more than 1 minute.
Yes, they make me strong but when I know the reality is only death, I want to live with ones I can smile with, cherish, feed love and make merry with. Afterall memories are all that stay with us. So why not make a choice?

Hence, creating a memory, a happy memory now and forever.
Let’s love, play, be kind.


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Written by Nikita Agarwal

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