Orient Electric Aero Series Range – Review

Orient Electric Aero Series Range – Review

Although the heat has mainly gone away, in India fans are a necessity all year long. The pioneer and worldwide leading manufacturer Orient fans have presented its take on glorifying this necessity. They are not only changing the way a fan looks and feels, but their aerodynamically designed fans are also bringing joy to the upmarket consumer segment of fans. Though talked very little about, I have now seen personally these stunning new range can uplift any room’s interior and can jazz up the ceiling.

The first thing a person does when entering a room is switching on the fan, also after a humid errand run outside in the sun, sitting under a fan is all a person can think about. Fans have such high importance in our lives, yet we think so little of it. It is time we start appreciating and upgrading. The best part about the Orient Aerostorm and the Aerocool range is the absolute silent noise level they operate on. When running, these fans do not disturb any conversation or interfere with the sound of that classic movie you were watching.


Orient Aerostorm and Aerocool are without doubt a beautiful choice for your fifth wall. Enough stress cannot be given on how silently these fans operate; one really has to listen to believe. I have changed all my fans at my house. After changing the fans we realized how important it is to add design to the ceiling and also it made us skip the idea of changing the paint color or curtains of the room this festive for another year at least.

I am full of happiness and excitement with these fans, and I would suggest all you folks to have a look into this. With prices starting at just Rs. 4999, which includes a 2-year warranty, silence, rust free blades, aerodynamic design, superior wind quality and also adding drama to the room, these fans are quite a bargain.

For more details, you could log onto their website – www.orientelectric.com


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