Own Your Temptation – Feat : Secret Temptation

Own Your Temptation – Feat : Secret Temptation

I am a woman and I am proud. Gone are the days when we were labeled. My heart never approved of being in a box then or today. Since my childhood, being the eldest child, I was asked to understand, to forgive, to learn and to teach, to share and to be a role model.
I at a very young age realized and took ownership of my life, for wrong and for the right. Nevertheless, the roots were intact. With the desire to only walk forward and not compromise, to not to be in a box that labeled my existence. I was not creative but I wanted to build scrapbooks, I came from a business family but I wanted to create. I came from a small town but I wanted to be at the top. Chasing my desire, my temptation, I am halfway through but there are miles to go before I sleep. For the world is an ocean of opinions and emotions to enhance it, it is our emotions that’s a grand gala of forbidden secrets.

Secret Temptation from the house of McNROE fragrance company is also a  grand gala of forbidden secrets of our emotions, our memories, our life. They spell out confidence. It inspires to be a person of your choice. Their fragrances are just not about being a beauty product but power, as their fragrance is inspired by the value of life that is (learning, Integrity, Family, and Entrepreneurship). Just like the value of a woman’s life.
There are very few things, places, people or brands that understand us, but with the values of Secret Temptation, I relate. They resonate with today’s women. 

Women who are humble and not helpless.
Women who agree and not compromise.
Women who take the shape of life where they take them, but to only live a life of her condition.
Women who desire to chase their temptation. 

Secret Temptation recently launched a new fragrance “DESIRE – Turkish roses” to its collection. The fragrance is infused with light floral notes.  It’s delicate yet powerful, it’s pretty, it reflects confidence. It’s a product for me. 

The brand has well brought its thoughts and aesthetics into the newly launched Desire. It tells you to be the master of your fate and captain of your soul. It tells you to desire, to aim.

As the brand mentions, Desire gives wings to your wishes with an intricate harmony of Turkish roses,
floral geranium, and lingering mask. 

P.S: The bottle is a part of their new packaging.

We are the creators. We are the knowledge. We are strong. The unsecured will always put our courage left open. With so much to learn from you, do not be limited. Chase your Temptation. Own your Temptation.

To know more about the brand, do check out their Facebook & Instagram page.

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Written by Nikita Agarwal

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