PenTwister x Furla – The Furla Dafne Backpack.

PenTwister x Furla – The Furla Dafne Backpack.

Housed in a historic, grand 18th-century Villa in Bologna, it wasn’t difficult to make the connection with the 90-year-old label, luxury defined “FURLA“. Furla recognized for its quality, colorful creativity, joyfulness and a contemporary Italian lifestyle have struck cords with stalwarts, fashionistas, you and me over its 90 years of the journey from Bologna in 1927 to now inaugurated in Milan, the fashion capital of Italy.
With a label history so rich, believer of craftsmanship, artisanal expertise, a sense of beauty and innovation, it’s that time when the champagne will flow and flutes will tingle. It’s that time when “Furla” will look towards its 90th anniversary. It’s a proud moment for the fashion house and everyone associated. It’s a proud moment for me to be associated. To celebrate the brand, I decided to take one of my favorite (not the mini bags) but “The Furla Dafne” backpack for Kolkata city tour.
For the love of the label and my city what could have been a better way than to infuse in together fashion and heritage.

The Furla Dafne backpack a new urban icon (effortless & multi purpose – value for money). The Dafne is a gender-neutral backpack with soft, unconstructed lines, accessorized with length-adjustable, sturdy shoulder-straps in leather; fitted with two practical handles, one of which is placed on one side to carry the backpack as a handbag. So cool right? Can’t get enough.

To justify each function and style of the bag as mentioned above, I took my “Dafne” for a city tour showcasing 3 different looks and style, complementing the nature of the place.

1. Visiting surreal ghats of Kolkata 
Keeping in mind, that you might want to jump in a boat and spend the morning viewing the Howrah bridge, a backpack is the best thing that can happen to you. Casual, Handsfree, stylish enough and lets you enjoy the view without worrying about belongings.

PenTwister x Furla PenTwister x Furla Furla x PenTwister PenTwister x Furla

2. Running errands in Park Street
As historic park street is, it could be a bit messy at times. Traffic – cars, and humans.
The idea of carrying a shoulder bag might be a bit uncomfortable here (shoulders dragging from left to right) however, a cross body is what I recommend. And with my Furla Dafne backpack, I get to be stylish, on trend and super comfortable.

PenTwister x Furla PenTwister x Furla

3. Dinner / Drinks / Brunch 
This is a place where style comes above comfort. Hello, pull in a dress adjust your Furla Dafne straps from 2 to 1 and you are ready to rock and roll.

Furla - Genesis Luxury PenTwister x Furla Furla Dafne Backpack - PenTwister Furla - Genesis Luxury

I am in absolute love with this one. I know you are crushing in too. Visit the Furla store near you, and experience fashion in a new way.
P.S: Join me on 4th August as I will take you through the celebrations of Furla’s 90th anniversary at The Quest Mall, Kolkata.


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Written by Nikita Agarwal
  • You write so beautifully , absolutely loved the post and the backpack of course !! ♥️

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