PenTwister X Whooopla

PenTwister X Whooopla

In an age where lives, people and society revolve around social media and the list of websites and apps where one can get “social” continues to grow, everyone is missing on a common fact and the very essence on which the app or the website was thought to be built upon – to get people closer, instead of making a person more social, these apps are secluding its audience from each other in a world of virtual reality. Among this crowded space of apps trying to get those last scattered bits of memory on your smartphone named to themselves comes an app actually wanting to make us more human. It does so in a way that attracts and appeals to most of us. Whooopla, an app built by co-founders Shashank Garg and Rohit Dugar has features that lets us target our audience giving us the choice of finding new people with common interest through a creative concept of imagery in an environment familiar to us, a social media environment. The question below will help us understand it better.

What Makes Whooopla different from others?

  • It lets us choose our audience who we think our pictures would appeal the most to.
  • It helps us explore new audience within the demographics of a particular location and shows people around you with similar hobbies and interests.
  • Unlike facebook it does not charge its consumers a penny to get their voice out to whom they want it to see.
  • Unlike instagram we can choose whether we want to see the most popular posts first or latest posts first.
  • Know the geographic locations’ best and worst through the world of images and meet people with common interests who have taken the time to snap and share those images.
  • The app has targeted a lot of photographers to get on board with them, as a result everybody else is in for a treat with an array of highly appealing and gorgeous photography from around the world.

Are there any downsides to the app?

  • One tends to get lost when they sign up first as there are no tutorial of what to do where.
  • There is a lot of information required for signup.
  • It does not link to other social media channels to get you on board and settled quicker.

We have prepared a walk-through to ease up your on-boarding process.

  1. As soon as you sign up with your details the first thing you see is this screen with “Feed” view where posts from your friend list are shown where you can select the image to “Like”, “Comment” or “Compassion”.
  2. The Bell on top is clickable to view notifications.
  3. The three horizontal bars are the menu options where one can access their profile, settings, messages, friends, etc.


4. The “Popular” list of images which gives an array of breathtakingly beautiful shots of around the world.

5. Similarly the “Latest” tab allows you to view images that are recently posted.


6.  The “Nearby” tab is a USP of the app and one of my personal favorite feature of the app. By just scrolling the orange dot along the grey scroll bar takes all the feed out of photos clicked nd uploaded within 2-100 KM range of the smartphones location, therefore wherever you are in the world, there will always be something new to see and learn.

7. A new picture can be uploaded simply by clicking the photo button on the bottom, where we have the options of making the image public or private, add keywords to it and also have the option to target it to the right audience.

8. Along with the photos is a text upload section to let your creative minds loose this unique feature lets the user to write anything like a motivational phrase, poetry, joke or simply a status update, possibilities unlimited.


9. Another USP is the explore feature allowing the user to pinpoint people by profession, hobbies or posts with similar keywords.



All of the above mentioned features of the app when brought together gives a very different feel and experience of its own which none of the other social media apps offer under one turf. Even with the downsides (which I am sure will eventually go away) the app along with few tweaks and adjustments to its UI has full potential and the capability to stand out and be a leader of the segment. I will continue to Whooopla and enjoy the attention of a little lesser crowd as long as I can, because I am pretty sure there will be thousands if not millions signing up soon.

Download Links :- App Store Play Store

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Written by Akshay Manchanda

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