Revival of Culture with a twist – Sari Saga with Simaaya Kolkata

Revival of Culture with a twist – Sari Saga with Simaaya Kolkata

Indian culture is decaying or is it in its mediocre stages? Quite a topic of debate. Is aping of western cultures leading to the culture erosion? Whipping it into something more worthwhile, and breaking the subject, which aspect of Indian culture are we talking about? Is it the English vs Sanskrit or fighting over the importance of Indus Valley Civilization vs Mesopotamian Civilianization? Is it the Rajma Chawal vs. Burgers or Namaste vs. Hello? Could it also technically be the whole game of dressing up? Aping the western wardrobe has always been a matter of concern for this country, but wasn’t the ancient India, exposed to that already? We remember the dancing girl statue from Khajuraho temples, don’t we?
Breaking the tone, Culture is what society practices. It is not abiding. It’s like the changing weather, leading to the change in our lifestyle. New things come and as the progressive man, we adapt it, we update. And as far as we are concern about decaying, we should stop moaning and think of ways that could preserve the rest of the culture.
In accordance to the masses, and me Revival is the game changer. A little tweak, a little acceptance, understanding the modern lifestyle and making them comfortable with the culture should be the attitude.  Mixing of the old and the new aesthetics, traditions, and heritage is a step closer to preserving.

Sari is the timeless classic piece. With the existence of more than 5000 thousand years, this piece of garment defines Indian women. Their beauty, sensuality, and culture. Sari is one of the most versatile pieces of clothing, be it through different drapes, weaves, dyes etc. However, we have seen a shift for the love of this timeless piece over other modern silhouettes in past few years and it definitely was a matter of concern. As stated in my first half of post, probably this was one of the culture decaying processes. But thanks to the much-talented designers and fashion fraternity, how they pulled the game into cultural favor and gave the traditional rich weave a modern twist. The twist of preserving via the merge of old and new, resulting in a newfound love for 9 yards. As seen the playing of mix and match has just not got on runways or fashion weeks but the twist has got you and me casually trolling, learning the art of wearing sari without falling even once and rather making a statement.
The modern interpretation of sari and its acceptance among the women is a note that this garment is here to stay. It’s a whiff of fresh air that says, “Fashion has no rules” and go experiment. Experiment with fitted shirts or oversized tunics, corsets or even cape’s (we totally love how Sonam Kapoor does it every time) it’s your comfort culture, play it, embrace it, and applaud.

I am proud to be a part of such rich culture that knows how to stand up and with the help of “Simaaya” – the pool of ethnic wear, I embraced the art of draping.
Simaaya located in the heart of Kolkata (Elgin Road) since 2005 has proved to be the charm of Indian wear. The brand has been a personal favorite of many homes in Kolkata and across the country for their glamorous designer wear and one stop store to all your ethnic need and excels in finest collection of 9 yards. From stocking the benarasi weave to kanjeevaram, rich brocade to intricately embroidered saris, Simaaya has it all under one roof. To be associated with Simaaya was just not a blogger association but was very close to my heart, since the store played an important role in my life, arming my wedding trousseau and dressing up my family members. And I don’t regret any.

A traditional print with a modern touch, soft hues, and contemporary style is what makes Simaaya corning for more and keeping us intact with the roots. Hence, this wedding season paying a tribute to this glamorous store, I decided to pep – up the things and showcase the sari trend with an interesting twist in 3 different ways, matching the young fashionistas personality and oomph.
So are we ready to rock being a contemporary bridesmaid and dance to the summer garden Shaadi.

Look 1 – The Classic Twist

Traditional Benarasi weave gets a makeover. Having winter flakes still around, trench could make a perfect statement to your look. It’s bold, it’s structured, it’s classy.

Simaaya Kolkata PenTwister for Simaaya Kolkata PenTwister for Simaaya Fashion Kolkata

Look 2 – The Pant Style

Comfort is the key to effortless dressing and there is nothing better than pant style draping. Tweak it with your personal styling sense and create a hassle-free look with western ensemble.

PenTwister for Simaaya Fashion Simaaya Kolkata

Look 3 – The Dhoti Sari

Evolved from the traditional Marathi sari, this style has been a personal favorite to many stalwarts. Dhoti style draping gives the sari an absolutely new look redefining the fashion quotient. It’s fun, It’s trendy and perfect for beach weddings this summer.

PenTwister for Simaaya Kolkata Simaaya Kolkata

With the revolution of this sophisticated drape, I think we can never get bored with this gorgeous weave and present to the world a fine taste of fashion.
Along with its retail store in Elgin road, the brand has also branched out to Kankurgachi & Triangular Park in Kolkata and Banjara Hills In Hyderabad. In addition to stores, the brand also has an online store ( that offers exclusive and premium ethnic wear, designer jewelry and bags. You could also follow them on their social media portals – Facebook & Instagram for an insight and instant order.

Simaaya has emerged as one of the most loved ethnic wear brands and you have no reason to not to visit Simaaya this season.

P.S: I would like to thank the team for making the project a success. Follow them for great fashion styling and tips.


Stylist: Suman Airish Barik
Photographer: Darshana Banthia for Lensing My Soul 
Hair & makeup: Zainab Ashraf for Makeup by Zainab

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Written by Nikita Agarwal

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