Spa by JW – JW Marriott Kolkata

Spa by JW – JW Marriott Kolkata

Stress. A common term used these days due to hectic lifestyle, workload or in case of a place like Kolkata, just weather. To give my body the calm it needed and to unclutter my mind, I recently went to Spa by JW for a 2-day spacation at JW Marriott Kolkata. A spa experience that was truly tailored to my needs with distinctive benefits that only left me rejuvenated.

With the kind of schedule I have, which is sitting all day in front of the laptop or with my phone, my shoulder area had been facing a lot of issues and was in pain all the time. And coming to my skin, I never had a flawless one. Due to Pcod, my hormones are always fluctuating resulting in skin problems. With these 2 problems defined, Spa by JW enrolled me for Stress relief treatment to dissolve stress and tension for the 1st day and Deep cleanse facial for my 2nd-day therapy.

Before I explain and indulge you into my therapies, here’s what you need to know about Spa by JW. All the therapies provided are divided into 4 categories – Calm, Indulge, Invigorate and Renew.

Treatment 1 – Stress Relief Treatment
Designed to dissolve stress and tension, the treatment was blissful. for an exclusive experience, the treatment was given in the couple room that had all modern facilities including an inbuilt jacuzzi. De-stress muscle body oil with ingredients like lavender, rosemary and ginger were used for the treatment.
As the therapist, started with the massage, I could feel my knots and then hear them crackling as they were slowly released. the 90-minute session was absolutely therapeutic.
The session then completed with a good jacuzzi bath as a part of the session and some mocktails. My body felt relaxed and so charged up like I am ready to bend all my muscles.

**A special thank you and mention to Munna – Spa therapist at JW Marriott Kolkata for going an extra step and working on my stress and problem points.

Treatment 2 – Deep Cleanse facial
Why?  To Bring back my skin to a natural balance with a purifying cleanse that infuses
aromatherapy ingredients like tea tree and lavender into every pore. With skin issues like its never-ending (uneven skin tone, acne, dehydrated) deep cleanse facial with everything hydrating essentials was perfect for my skin leaving me glowing and fresh. With the right pressure and technique, the therapist at Spa by JW are professional and know how to take care of you.


There is no better relaxation therapy than the spa and there is no one better than JW Marriott Kolkata in the city. The good news is there is exclusive membership available and its worth every penny. Do ask for it when you visit them or log into for more details.

Once again thank you Spa by JW and JW Marriott Kolkata for a great experience.

Pictures By:- Lensing My Soul

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