Stellar Furnishings- ABID’s Showstopper 2018

Stellar Furnishings- ABID’s Showstopper 2018

Individuality personified with Stellar furnishing. Given a life, a personality, to a lifeless booth. Stellar has been a pioneer in the city when it comes to furniture and furnishings. At ABID Interiors 2018, it has not only caught the attention of every floater, it has left an impression on their minds. An impression where when a lifeless booth can be given such persona, how wonderfully can it change one’s home and enhance their personality.

Stellar at ABID Interiors 2018 created an exhibition booth keeping in mind all levels of consumers. It had created displays to suit individual moods and personalities. The four corners of the booth were designed in separate languages, signifying Spring Summer with flowery padded walls to indigo corner using various shades of blue in a unique art form. It has created an impact and has made a bold move towards standing their ground and changing trends and perceptions towards furnishings. An individual can not only imagine their spaces with the style suggested, they can recreate the entire philosophy of interiors in their homes by choosing what suits them best. 

To make things easier apart than a language of material and color scheme, Stellar within the exhibition booth itself has mood boards, where suggestions of what kind of furniture, paint, carpet, etc, would go best with the language chosen by an individual. The huge game changer idea fits into a small booth for consumers to capture and make individual memories out of it. It simply cannot be missed.

Join Stellar in ABID Interiors

24th to 27th February 2018 and reimagine your world.



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Written by Nikita Agarwal

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