Surbhi Pansari Men’s Summer Collection – Freshly Brewed.

Surbhi Pansari Men’s Summer Collection – Freshly Brewed.

Shopping is my cardio. The pretty dressed mannequins, the isle of stocked garments, the blingy accessorize zone and the shoe section that makes you dance. However, having Mr. husband around and my mall visit companion the exquisite drama of shopping seems like have come to a halt. Because, he is left behind, while I am happily tearing apart the fresh-labeled packets, guilty as much. And thinking of it, there aren’t many stores that cater to just men and focus on their wardrobe. On a quest for the same and shopping for him, the magic unfolded.
The magic of the label “Surbhi Pansari”. Surbhi Pansari the designer with broadened and diversified aspect of artwork and skills caters to only men fashion. Breaking the monotony, letting the men flaunt their fashion aesthetics and giving them a chance to have a day, all about them and no ladies. After all, shopping and feeling good is their cardio too.

To complement the state of fashion, the label excels in the variety, tailoring, and silhouettes and is a men game runway. From stocking the tailor fit dapper suits the label also has an ethnic line, men accessories and is focused on its national fashion identity. Like the waxing and waning of weather shift, designer “Surbhi Pansari” also brings a fresh take on her collection quarterly with a play of riot of colors and patterns.
In conversation and while looking through the array of expanded collection in her flagship store, located in Kolkata, I was stunned to witness the summer collection for men. Blended with summer color mood giving it a transformation like the new-formed sunflower seeds. To describe more and bring it to reality, the designer shared 4 of her favorite looks along with styling tips and more.


Surbhi Pansari

This lime green refreshing, full embroidered kurta is a must pick for summer garden mehandi function. Subtle, Classic, Traditional. Just right for what our men needs.


Surbhi Pansari Men's wear

A fine shirt for those date nights. Casual, Dapper and those detailing on placket and sleeves.
What’s not to love and make it a wardrobe staple. Definitely a buy


Surbhi Pansari Men's Collection

Bandhgala is our men’s pride for those gala traditional ceremonies. With a twist, this self-jacquard piece is a style statement yet a classic traditional piece.

LOOK 4 & 5
If you like to play dress up and worried about season’s greetings and heavy fabric, label Surbhi Pansari is your savior. As she introduces, summer soiree linen fabrics and light shades for double breasted blazers and the ensemble.

Surbhi Pansari Men's Wear

Tuning with the vibrancy of the season the color board of the collection has been chosen, keeping in mind the inherent warmth and a desire to connect with nature, as a result to seamlessly blend with the season.

To know more about the label and view their blooming season’s collection, you could log into their facebook page or visit their store at 12, Loudon street, Kolkata, India.

P. S: I have found my way to charm my man. Have you? There is no reason for you to not to visit the store.

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