Suryagarh Jaisalmer is a dream. A dream that you cannot narrate but only experience. A place where I have left a piece of my heart. I might have said this time and again but Suryagarh Jaisalmer will always be my personal favorite. There are multiple reasons for that, but today I would be talking about the room, the accommodation I stayed in and share some gorgeous images I created.

As the sun set and we approached towards the Suryagarh, I could not take my eyes off the window. The grandeur of the place from a distance, the sight of the massive fort only reminded me of the royal palaces that were heard of and seen in glossy covers or movies. As we drove closer to the property, every minute there was a moment that I wanted to grab and store it in my mind. Right from the moment when a safari jeep with 2 royally and culturally dressed men stood with the flag of Suryagarh lead us to the property, to a grand welcome that got me connected to my roots. Awaiting for us the sundowner high tea welcome gave me jitters, and at that moment I thought to myself, this is indeed a dream.

At this moment I was ready to encounter the most luxurious, intimate and spacious room, that I called my space for the next 2 days.  Welcome to the “Suryagarh Suite”, It was love at first sight. A room designed for comfort with rich and local textures and love. As I entered, the 2 things that caught my attention was my own picture in a frame with a personal note (admired my own picture for a while) and the windows with these beautiful red color curtains that overlooked the parts of the property, desert, and windmills. 

As I stepped further to explore my room, the room was divided into 2 sections – the bedroom and the living room. The living room was further connected to the dining section whereas the bedroom was connected to the dressing room and bath (another highlight of the room), I could have lied down and taken a hot bubble bath all day long. What a beauty it was. Oh, and just when I was overwhelmed and deeply in love, I witnessed my own private rooftop swimming pool offering a calm sanctuary which left me speechless. As the night grew and I felt the beautiful linen, I woke up to the morning warm rays that touched my soul so deep making me feel rejuvenated, alive, with an excitement to explore more. 

Such was my experience at Suryagarh Jaisalmer  – Suryagarh suite, and it’s unfair to say, this was it. Because it was more than that, it was a dream that can only be experienced.

A special thanks to Rahul Vagnani for capturing these moments. Follow him to view his work.

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Written by Nikita Agarwal

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