Fashion has always fascinated me and millions around the world. It has become an integral part of any human being. It gives us a sense of pride and confidence in our daily life. In simpler words, it defines who we are. Though your clothes are so important and nearly dignify a person’s soul, we take very little care for its well being.

We today spend thousands of rupees on a single piece of clothing, may it be jeans, suits, shirts, jackets or even smaller things like scarves, but hardly ever take care of it. To improve its longevity and newness, dry cleaning the garments are important. Whether a heavy wedding designer outfit or an everyday dress. To complete our quest of dry cleaning, The Swiss Laundry gave us a specialized tour of the entire process and also explained how even local dry cleaners use flammable chemicals which can cause irritation or even skin cancer.
To educate the mass about the textile care sector, The Swiss Laundry dedicated a day to showcase the journey of garments with each stage being explained in detail to the bloggers and I can’t be more thrilled.
To simplify the process, below are the points mentioned.

Clothes are individually sorted by accordance of the type of wash it needs.

They are then labeled to the exact receipt number, name, packaging type, Date of pickup and delivery. Everything required to avoid mix-ups and confusions.

Laundry Tag

Garments are then segregated by their type like ornamental garments require a hydrocarbon wash, also, delicates and whites and colored garments are examined and segregated.

PenTwister x TheSwissLaundry

Before wash, they go through spot cleaning for any hard stains your garment might have suffered.

PenTwister x TheSwissLaundry The Swiss laundry Kolkata

After stain removal, they are washed. The washing types include:

  • Dry Cleaning:
    1. Perc Drycleaning – Mainly used for Suits, Seat covers, curtains or any type of hard material.
    2. Hydrocarbon – Used for any ornamental clothing.
  •  Wet Wash – Any other type of clothes with proper segregation. The process could be either machine washed or hand washed depending on the material of the garment.

PenTwister x TheSwissLaundry The Swiss laundry Kolkata

Finally, all clothes washed and dried are brought over to the ironing table where they are ironed and packed to give your garment that new sparkly shine.

PenTwister x TheSwissLaundry The Swiss laundry KolkataPenTwister x TheSwissLaundry

7 & 8. Quality control & Package Delivery
Before delivery each garment is checked for any signs of spots or unclean traces if found so – the entire process is repeated. Otherwise, it is delivered for you to feel that extra special again.

PenTwister x TheSwissLaundry Untitled-3After the above tour, I realized that dry cleaning for a majority of our clothing is so important, yet we neglect and rely on the local vendors who destroy our clothes more often than expected.

For more details, you could follow them for updates and their fashion collaborations via their Facebook and Instagram page.

PenTwister x TheSwissLaundry

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