The Wine Room, Salt lake Kolkata – Food Made Irresistible with Wine.

The Wine Room, Salt lake Kolkata – Food Made Irresistible with Wine.

“My heart goes at the Noir and sinks through the Bordeaux.”

The sweet bypassing the garden blooms and spicy red between the winter meat , finally touching the robust to the dawn.
Wine is just not a bottle of fermented goodness and a socializing tool but a learning experience. The learning of agriculture, geographic demographics, origin & culture and cuisines and Caclutta not Kolkata understood the harmony. The city emerged into rich colonial architecture, the culture, learned of the English literature, modernity, the French wines yet keeping the heritage strong and high.

The bespoke era of Calcutta, for the love of tailored suit and a glass of full-bodied goblet admits the Victorian bridge was the picture my grand dad showed. However, the splurge of Soda and tonic has become a favorite today. My chalice signed the contemporary. With the realization dawned and the sommelier’s equation, the city’s wine cultivation if not bloomed has taken a step forward to change the flavor. The years of thick and beautiful wine culture cannot be ignored.
The Calcutta wine club is one in the cloud of young bars to maintain the love for bubbles. However to set to the buds to the young crowd the city focuses.


Bakstage The Wine Room

Digging in to spread the niche world of wines, The Wine Room by Bakstage opened one of its kind, the first stand alone wine room in the city Kolkata. Located at sector 5, salt lake on the same building as Bakstage with cosmo casual décor to let the residents settle in with ease and not feel alien from the world of barrels.




The ambiance shouts out loud about the integrity of colonial wine preserved well through the centuries and presented in modern glassware. Cartons and Sacks of wine over the floor makes one wonder about the wine culture which then moved on to give people company on a good read, therefore an array of novels are kept for you to sip and read your heart out. The wooden wine holders and tables in a shape of barrels has an impact to let it just pour out all over and mesmerize like the women dancing on an ultra modern paintings above the storage. Truly an unmatched thought process for the entire overlay.

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Food and Wine Pairing

Bakstage – The Wine Room, Sector 5, Kolkata, is a quiet corner treasure of Kolkata where any level of wine drinker, beginner or with a developed taste can come and enjoy their wine. It is a true experience as wine in Kolkata is not given much importance, this place rovers around just that and gives the diners what the city was missing and always wanted. The sommeliers and bartenders along with the chefs at The Wine Room all know how a wine is to be paired with which food for eg:- chicken demands a white wine and the grape variety is chosen by how sweet or dry the wine is according to the preparation of the dish in question, similarly if the chicken is intense and made in a tomato rich gravy, a red must be paired giving the food a deeper depth than what a white would have given. The remarkable food and wine pairing makes The Wine Room an irresistible place to be.


Caesar Salad

The salad at The Wine Room is gutsy and unconventional. Ingredients are tossed individually in the dressing and placed separate on the plate. They leave it up to you, whether you to decide to mix it all up or save the best for the last. This salad was recommended to be had along with a glass of sangria and it rightly boosted the mood and made me appreciate the freshness of the ingredients even more.

Bakstage The Wine Room Kolkata Caeser Salad Bakstage The Wine Room Kolkata Caeser Salad Sangria

D.I.Y Tomato Pepper Salsa Mix Bruschetta and Pickled Olives

Brush the extra virgin olive oil onto the softest loaf of bread and load it up with salsa to your heart’s content or indulge in the mix of pickled green and black olives. Rose served with the bruschetta tickled my tongue and made me enjoy the pepper salsa better keeping this in mind, I stuck by my rose for the pickled olives to give the same tantalising experience.

The Wine Room Bakstage Kolkata Pickled Olives DIY Bruschetta


Wine Sampler

Bakstage – The Wine Room answers to all the grievances of the city. To develop the taste and steadily bring the wine culture to Kolkata, they offer their customers with shot glasses with different variety of wine to give the first timers an idea of what suits their pallet best, and develop the taste from their.


Chicken Tender

Long fingers of juicy and crunchy fried chicken, served along with fries, salad and spicy aioli. Each component of this plate complements each other and demands for an extra bite on a full stomach. Paired perfectly with a sparkling wine, It rejoices your taste buds.


Cheese Platter

No wine experience is complete without cream crackers, and cheese. Served beautifully on a huge red tile were a variety of cheese, ranging from mozzarella to red cheddar and even brie. Satisfy yourself of the cheese cravings with this platter full of goodness.


Cheeky Chocolate Monkey in a Jar

Name suggests how naughty this dessert can get. One deep dig inside the jar can get you flavors of cream, chocolate chips and caramel, what more can a person ask for. To get your sins go an extra edge and get a fuller satisfaction off your guilty pleasures it was suggestively served with a more balanced Pinot Grigio to not to let your tongue twist towards the sweeter side.


Will I Miss The Place?

Who does not love food? and better off to make it exorbitantly classy with all the wine. It reminds me of all the happy times of my life in an environment that is friendly and comforting. I would definitely give the wine culture a push, not just for me but for my city. We need places like Bakstage The Wine Room to strive and thrive for uplifting the mood and giving a happy high to all the Kolkatan’s.


Overall Review

Food : 4/5
Service: 3.5/5
Ambiance: 4/5
Hospitality : 4/5
Overall : 4/5

For more details, log into Bakstage Facebook page.

Photography : Lensing My Soul by Darshana Banthia

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Written by Akshay Manchanda

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