Top 9 Brands in ABID Interiors 2018 Kolkata

Top 9 Brands in ABID Interiors 2018 Kolkata

‘The best journey always takes us home’ and if your New Year resolution was to refresh your home, it is time to know about the top trends in home décor of this year. And what better way to do it than by paying a visit to ABID Interiors 2018, one of the biggest interior fairs in Kolkata? Upscale furnishing and fitting brands will present their extensive range of products from which you can take a cue to decorate your homes. And as you look into the mock rooms which are created by interior designers and decorators, it will be easy to re-imagine your home. Let’s take a look at the top 9 brands which are going to be the show-stealers.

And when you talk about stylish furniture and holistic interior solutions for your homes, it will be a blasphemy to miss the Decofur stall. From clever storage solutions to multi-tasking furniture, Decofur is the one-stop stall for your interior needs. The collection will make you realize that furniture can actually enhance the beauty of a space and add life to it. Durable, beautiful and definitely keeping with the latest trends of the day, Decofur offers some amazing interior solutions for your home.

A beautiful home deserves a touch of elegance and when you look beyond the contemporary, you can get inspired by the distressed range of furniture brought by Decorage & Associates. Distressed furniture is the current rage of the day; the worn-off or the chipped look adds a lot of character to your homes. For unique ‘distressed’ inspirations, Decorage & Associates is the brand to look out for.

Whether you like it or not, a major part of our lives is well-spent at bathrooms or washrooms. And maybe it is time to opt for a makeover. The latest trend says that high-quality materials like agate, albastor, onyx and most importantly marble is trending as these beautiful natural materials add a lot of depth and texture to any design. For reference, you can always turn to Bharat Marble, because their extensive range of wall and floor tiles, marble floors, and sanitary ware will help you to recreate your home as you have imagined.

Whatever is the style of your home, windows are one of the first things that you notice. Do you know why? Windows are considered as the eyes of your home. Visit the stall of Packman which offers some amazing window coverings popularly known as blinds. Their fully customized shades and blinds allow complete privacy control. And with choices galore, you will definitely find something which suits your taste. And this brand has 15 years of experience in creating unique designs for your windows.

A classy revamp requires a classy brand like Mirania Luxury Living because they are known to create stylish spaces with a wow factor. Think high impact and you will be amazed at the range of products available in Mirania. From sofas to recliners to odd chairs to accessories, to window fashion, beds and basically everything that you require for a classy home, Mirania Luxury Living will provide you all.

And with your beautiful homes, Mirania Workspace Solutions also offers some smart solutions for office spaces. The brand is known to convert workspaces into warm and practical spaces where your employees feel at home.

A home is not a home until there is a touch of green and what better way to do than have your own private herb garden or a green patch where you can grow organic food? With ever-increasing pollution levels, a piece of green inside your home is just the thing you need; it adds a different dimension to your home décor. Biopod is one of the brands which have taken smart living to a new high; with their app-controlled microhabitat, you have your own piece of green at the cozy confines of your home.

Do you know that the palpable atmosphere of your home is largely determined by a light scheme of your homes? It is a big influence on the personality of your homes. Svarochi Lighting understands this; from smart LED lights to unique lighting solutions, this is the brand you need to look for if you want to introduce varying degrees of light in the room otherwise known as layers.

When you are at ABID Interiors, you simply cannot miss the stall for Stellar Furnishings. Their diverse collection of furnishings and fittings are something that will add a new lease of life to your homes. Since its inception in 1996, the brand has been synonymous with quality products. Take your time and visit this stall as well.

Date – 24th – 27th December 2018
Venue: Science City, Kolkata





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