Why Soap when Body Wash – Ft. ITC Vivel

Why Soap when Body Wash – Ft. ITC Vivel

With growing temperatures, it is only getting worse and difficult to survive. The heat has taken over by a certain type of energy that leaves me very tired by the end of the day, making me think of indulging in a relaxing bath and sipping on my coolers. Talking about a relaxing bath it’s more like, taking off all that dirt and sweat. I know a lot of you prefer soap bars, but really Why soap when can body wash. It leaves me with great fragrance, lather the foam with a loofah and scrub and rub until my body feels clean.

Most of the beauty and cosmetic brands comes with its own pros and cons but with Itc Vivel new body washes, I have only been focusing on good points leaving behind the disadvantages. The 2 newly introduced fragrance – Mint & Cucumber and Lavender and almond oil by ITC Vivel has to be the best that has happened this summer. I have been using the products for 2 weeks now feeling refreshed and moisturized. Dermatologically tested, the new body washes by ITC Vivel comes with natural extracts and ingredients that are good for your skin. Apart than that, the traveler in me is more convinced because of its great packaging, size, and pricing. Securely packed, portable bottles of 100 ml at Rs. 40. In addition to giving a great bathing experience, the 100 ml bottles are a savior. The hassle of bothering of wastage (in case not liked) or carrying around for travel comes in handy.
And we all know the advantages of ingredients like mint, cucumber, lavender and almond oil for summers and our skin.

Here are a few reasons why I have switched to Body Washes and why should you.

Because why soap When body wash.

Reason 1- Sanitary & Hygiene. 
– We have often seen struggle with using soap bars. Covered with body hair, falling into drains because of the slippery feature, contamination with other products and more.
Thank god we have body washes. The packaging obviously does not allow the above to happen and most importantly it’s safe to share. We all want to make that sure. Don’t we?

Reason 2. Convenient to use. 
– Body washes are far more convenient to use without a doubt. Squeeze a bit on the loofah and you are set, while on the other hand getting hold of the soap from the container itself is a task at times. picking it up multiple times they slip, or even cases when it breaks in the middle of the shower. Who wants the hassle?

Reason 3  – Portable. Easy to carry. 
– A lot of us travel and many of us like to carry our own toiletries. Because of a soap’s features, you have to put in a new bar each time you travel, but in case of body washes it’s an easy task. Also, you might want to leave back your soap once in a while, in that hotel room/ dormitory/guest house but you cant do that all the time. Imagine the wastage. Hence, grab a body wash. 

Reason 4 – Great bathing experience.
– Thicker the lather the better. Don’t you think? The formulation of body washes is such that it gives a complete bathing experience. 

I have made the switch and I think you should make the “Switch” too.


N.B – Everything said and done above, be environment-friendly, responsible and reuse your bottles.
Use as a holder may be? Or grow some basil and oregano. What do you think?


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Written by Nikita Agarwal

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